Pork Chomps Review – Are They Safe For My Pet?

Pork Chomps Review – Are They Safe For My Pet?

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Pork Chomps Review

Chewy Canine Goodness? – My Pork Chomps Review..

Pork Chomps, are the ingredients safe for my dog to eat? The ingredients might surprise you!

Pork Chomps Review

Hi There, I’m Brian a guest blogger here at dog and cat lovers. I currently own two beautiful labs who are like family.

I am a big lover of all animals big and small, but especially passionate about my own fur babies.

So lets see what we can dig up about the Pork Chomps Products.

So Many Questions…

What will they like? Is it safe to feed it to them? Are there any health benefits?

Being a fellow dog lover, I am sure these kinds of questions have crossed your mind as well.

It is natural for us to want to care for our beloved fur babies in the best way possible.

We strive to provide them with nutritious food for growth and health, doggy hygiene products for a healthy coat and teeth.

Most of us are quite good at vetting what we give our four-legged friends aspects of canine care, there is one area that we are prone to overlook: treats.

Too often in the course of our day, treats for the dog are an afterthought.

Drawn in by enticing packaging and savvy marketing, we tend to choose the best-looking treat from the standard selection offered at most pet stores.

After the purchase has been made, we head home and hand it off to our very appreciative furry companion.

As is true for just about anything, they love them!

We count it as a success and continue to satisfy their puppy appetite with treats that send them head over heels.

But do we really know what’s in these treats?

I’s sure you would agree that it is important to know exactly what they are getting with each tasty treat.

Are Pork Chomps Safe for My Dog?

Are pork chomps safe for my dog

The pet enthusiasts over at Scott Pet who are also dog owners, understand the importance of keeping our canines healthy.

They take this commitment seriously and aim for providing quality products that you can trust.

With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Scott Pet has a solid background in everything pets.


Part of this commitment is to provide you and your dog with treats that are safe and delicious.

Many people have asked if Pork Chomps are safe for a dog to eat. The answer is: absolutely!

Premium Pork Chomps are produced out of a GFSI certified (Global Food Safety Initiative) state-of-the-art facility.

Made from pork skin, they are very easy on your dog’s digestive system.

Pork Chomps a safe Rawhide Alternative!

Breaking down more readily than traditional rawhide treats, they prove to be a much better alternative.

It is important to note, that Pork Chomps are meant as a treat, not a complete source of food.

This means providing them to your dog in moderation and not just feed it to them as you would normal dog food.

Feeding Guidelines?

Scott Pet recommends that Pork Chomp treats be spaced out in the amount of one appropriately sized chew per dog, per day.

The proper size for your dog is approximately just a little larger than the size of your dog’s mouth.

With all hard or crunchy food, it is best to monitor your dog as they eat any treat for total piece of mind.

If you’re concerned that this is all bark and no bite, put your worries to rest.

A University of Illinois study that was published in 2012 backs the concerns with rawhide that have been common knowledge in the industry for years.

It found that Pork Chomps are not only 100% rawhide free, but also 99.9% digestible as well as vet recommended.

In a set 24-hour period, when Pork Chomps products are fully digested, rawhide products were still undigested by up to 50%.

This effectively means that Pork Chomps digest up to twice as fast as traditional rawhide treats, lowering your dog’s risk of stress on their digestive system.

Pork Chomp Varieties

Pork Chomps Review

Young or old, large or small, fat or thin, Pork Chomps products are available in a wide selection to meet the needs of all different dog types.

What doesn’t change is the healthy, rawhide free goodness that is naturally baked pork skin.

At first glance, many of the options available from Scott Pet look just like the rawhide products you are used to seeing on the shelves.

This variety includes products served up in the shape of rolls, ears, bone knots, braids, bagels, drumsticks, ribs, pressed bone, strips, chips, and more.

With all the popular styles of dog treats on the market, your canine companion won’t have to give up his favorites!

The sizes range from mini products suited specifically for little pups, all the way up to 12” knots for the “big boys” in your life.

In addition to all of the popular shapes and sizes, Scott Pet also brings a variety of different tastes to the table.

While it is true that pork is a naturally appealing flavor for the majority of dogs, who doesn’t like a little bit of added flavor?!

After all, they don’t call them “treats” for nothing!

The vast selection available to choose from includes pork skin that is baked and roasted, flavored with favorites like bacon, duck, sweet potato, chicken, and even peanut butter.

Simply Safe & Healthy…Happy Dog, Happy Owner

are pork chomps safe for dogs

At the end of the day, not only are Pork Chomps a safer and healthier alternative to traditional rawhide treats, but they offer a great variety of treats that your dog is sure to love.

Better tasting and much easier on their digestive system, Pork Chomp treats are a hit with dogs (and owners!).


My Personal Opinion Pork Chomps Review

Based on my own experience with rawhide treats and some “close calls” with pets of close friends and family members, I was absolutely delighted to find a great alternative.

Before I found Pork Chops, I was a bit torn. I was aware of some of the risks and dangers associated with rawhide treats, but at the same time I didn’t want to deprive my dog of something he seemed to love so much.

After finding and trying Pork Chomps in my home, I am absolutely thrilled to say the least.

Not surprisingly, Thor (my beloved Lab) was head over heels for these treats.

This was somewhat expected, just because it seems to me that pork skin would naturally be more appealing compared to leather.

Pork Chomp Sizing Guide

Once I was aware of the Pork Chomps product line, I headed over to their website to find out more.

See The Product Guide Below with Links to a purchase page to assist.

Puppies & Dogs Up to 15Lb

Small Dogs – 16 – 30lb

Medium Dogs – 31 – 60lb

Large Dogs 61 – 90lbs

With help from their size guide, I was hovering between 31-60lb lbs. and 61-90 lbs. categories but decided on the 61-90 lbs. selection.

The combination of Thor’s high energy and overeating leads him to bite off more than he can chew, if you know what I mean!

This made me lean to the larger side, just in case he was to get a little too excited and attempt to turn an all-day treat into one big bite.

In addition to discovering a great alternative to rawhide treats, I was also able to learn a little bit more about Pork Chomps products.

Also, I found out that chewing Pork Chomps can even benefit a dog’s dental health.

Pork Chomps Dental health

The reason is because the action of chewing in and of itself prevents

plaque and tartar build-up while stimulating your dog’s gums.

As a result, your dog will have better breath, whiter teeth, and reduced risk of more serious mouth problems down the road.


Pork Chomps Where To Buy?

Now that you’ve gotten my two cents and heard what Pork Chomps treats can do for you and your puppy, you are probably wondering where to go from here.

Maybe you are preparing for a letdown when you find out these great products are priced like the Rolls Royce of dog treats, or that they are only available at some exotic super pet store that you’ve never even heard of!

If this is you, then I am happy to put your concerns to rest! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that not only are these products reasonably priced, they are also widely available from tons of different retailers.

Don’t pay more than you need to, shop only from these ebay sellers -> Pork Chomp ebay sellers.

How I Save Hundred’s On Dog Treats Every Year!?

By far the best way to find and purchase the Pork Chomp products in my opinion is through eBay.

If you are familiar with the site, then you probably understand how it works and some of the great benefits that are associated with making purchases through them.

If not however, let’s explore the reasons behind eBay being my go-to place to purchase Pork Chomps products.

Not only can you easily search and browse through all of their different options, but you can also have the opportunity to save money in comparison to other places.

Quick Tip: Buy Treats in Bulk to Save!

These include extensive choice of suppliers, the ability to buy large amounts, free shipping, benefiting different charities, amazing refund policies, and more.

For starters, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to purchase your pet’s new favorite treat.

Ebay lets you easily find and research countless vendors so that you can choose the one you are most comfortable with.

The built-in eBay rating system lets you sift through genuine review from previous customers to see how their experiences with the seller have been in the past.

This can provide you with the confidence that your products will arrive on time and in the best condition, at the best price.

On top of having the ability to choose the source, you also have the option to buy in bulk.

It is common knowledge that the prices in most stores are adjusted to account for the costs involved with traditional shopping. Shipping it from the factory to the store, stocking it on the shelves, keeping up with inventory, etc.

Cut Out The Middle Man…

where to buy pork chomps

On eBay, however, you can cut out the middle man and some of the cost by receiving bulk shipments directly to your door.

Instead of going on weekly or monthly shopping trips and paying the extra costs to the store, you can take this more direct route to saving both time and money.

Lastly, if you do happen to be dissatisfied with any part of your purchase, many eBay products are backed by excellent refund policies that can protect you from paying for something you don’t want.

eBay itself also has a few safeguards in place including its rating system that informs you on the trustworthiness of a given supplier, as well as a money back guarantee to protect you from paying for a product that never arrived in the mail.

My Pork Chomps Review – Summary

Now that you’ve been equipped with the information you need; the next step is to give your dog even more reasons to love you (as if they needed anymore!).

As I found out for myself, you no longer have to choose between giving your dog a great treat that lasts all day and sparing their digestive system.

Pork Chomps meets both of these goals in one fell swoop.

With the chewy texture, natural shapes, and delicious flavors your dog already loves, combined with the 100% rawhide free and 99.9% digestible pork skin ingredients, you can’t go wrong!

Make the right move for you and your favorite furry friend today, you’ll be glad you did!

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3 thoughts on “Pork Chomps Review – Are They Safe For My Pet?”

  1. I was shocked to see that Pork Chomps were a product of China. But now that I have done a more in-depth search about the company & product I feel totally at ease.
    After all the bad publicity is it any wonder that we Americans are a tad insecure when it comes to supplying our beloved pets with products from other countries???
    I’m happy to report that these treats are totally safe to feed our dogs. They are 99% digestible and no one has ever had any adverse reaction or health issues with them. I am so relieved!!!

  2. Our small dog loves the pork chomps with sweet potatoe wrap. My partner spoils her and gives her up to 12 chomps a day. She doesn’t eat the pork. She cracks the sweet potatoe wrap and eats it and leaves the pork. I feel 12 is too many and that she is getting too much sugar. How many should we give a 15 lb. dog each day?

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