Best Dog Ear Cleaner – Weirdly Popular Solution Among Veterinarians

Best Dog Ear Cleaner – Weirdly Popular Solution Among Veterinarians

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My 8 Year old Daughter Ran to Me SCREAMING in Shock after Looking inside our Dogs Ears.

So it turns out my poor Retriever x Lab Aurora had some horrendously dirty ears that needed attention.

She is an outdoorsy dog and is always playing in mud and rolling in everything. As dog’s inevitably do all the time.

Cleaning your dogs ears can sometimes be tricky because they never want to sit still.

But I have an easy and effective solution, so Keep Reading.

Best Dog Ear Cleaner

Hey Everyone,

I’m Dale Green, a guest writer here at dog and cat lovers club.

BUT I am not just a guest Blogger, I have been a dog owner for all my life and have learnt quite a lot along the way.

Today I would like to share with you the easy way to clean dog’s ears and the Best Vet Recommended Products to do the job.

Have you recently noticed the condition of your Dog’s ears and felt somewhat guilty about their condition?

Well… Don’t Panic you’re not alone in feeling guilty, its easily done.

A dog’s ears can be something that you tend to forget about as time goes on, a good idea is to write a reminder on your calender to do your own monthly TEEP check. (Teeth, Ears, Eyes, Paws)

How To Effectively Clean Your Large or Small Dogs Ears

STEP 1: Ask A Friend or Relative To Be the Handler – (Using a Muzzle Optional)

Best Dog Ear Cleaner

When you decide to clean your Dog’s ears its very important that you have full control over your pets head.

During the cleaning process it will be slightly uncomfortable for your pet which can cause them to be quite restless.

In very rare cases you may even prod an area that can be quite sore that could cause your pooch to give a defensive nip.

Even the most docile, loyal and well behaved pet’s can nip if pain is accidentally inflicted during the cleaning process.

To be completely safe you can attach a muzzle to the dogs face during the cleaning process for total peace of mind.

Step 2: Setup in a Corner of a Room – Reduces Dog’s Movement

Best Dog Ear Cleaner

Before you go ahead and start cleaning your Dog will naturally want to back away and resist. Unless you have an extremely well behaved pooch.

So the best way to make your life easier, is to setup in a corner of a room with the dog’s back facing the wall.

That way when your fiddling around in your dog’s ear he wont be backing away, plus it can speed up the entire process.

TIP: Put your dogs favorite, toys, bed or blanket in the corner to make them feel more comfortable in the space. 

Step 3: Understanding Your Dog’s Ear Canal – L Shape

Best Dog Ear Cleaner

A dog’s ear canal runs vertically up to the entry and does a near 90 degree turn into the horizontal section of the ear canal.

Before you insert any solution into your dog’s ear you will need to correctly open up your dogs ear canals.

You do this by holding the ear, lifting the ear upwards and slightly away from the head.

This will open up both the dogs horizontal and vertical ear canals to allow the solution to penetrate into the required areas.

Step 4: Only Use the Best Dog Ear Cleaner Recommended By Vets – Important!

Vet Recommended Dog Ear Cleaner


A Dog’s Ears are an extremely sensitive and important part to their everyday living and quality of life.

So it’s CRUCIAL we only use the best dog ear cleaner when dealing with our beloved dog’s sensitive areas such as the ears.

One of the Best Ear Cleaning solutions as Recommended by Veterinarians is the Zymox Otic Plus. 

The product has racked up Over 1000+ 5 Star Reviews. Being sold at Around $27.

For me it’s more convenient to purchase the Zymox Solution online, mainly because in the past the two separate pet stores I went to were sold out. ANNOYING.

Best Dog Ear Cleaner

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Solution On Order? Ok Great, onto the next step.

Step 5: Applying The Zymox Solution & Cleaning

As mentioned above when explaining the dog’s ear canal, before administering the solution you will need to pull the dogs ear up and outwards.

This will open up a clear passage that will allow the solution to penetrate into your dog’s ear canal.

Ensure your handler has a firm control over your dogs head at this stage.

When administering the drops your dog will feel an odd cold sensation throughout its ear canal that will make it want to shake.

Now that you have the dog’s head controlled, administered the drops in a liberal form until you can see the buildup of solution.

Massage the canal while gently moving the dog’s ear up and out.

You will hear a pretty yucky mushing sound as you massage the canal which is completely normal.

Next once you have finished massaging, put a towel over the dogs head and the handler can let go.

Your dog will immediately shake but the towel will keep the solution from going everywhere. (Thank Me Later)

This process will loosen any debris that has been lodged within the ear canal and draw it up to the opening of the ear.

Step 6: Drying and Cleanup – Cotton Balls are Best.

Dog Ear Cleaning Process

Once your dog has had a shake and has calmed, have your handler take control of your dogs head and wipe out the loose debris with your cotton swab.

You may need a few cotton swabs in the process depending on the condition of your dogs ears.

Then inspect the canal with a torch and if you are satisfied they are clean move onto the next ear.

If not, simply repeat the process until you are satisfied with results.

Cleaning Your Dogs Outer Ear the FAST & EASY Way

Cleaning Dogs outer Ear

Once you have cleaned your dog’s inner ear canal it is quite common to have dust and grime buildup on your dogs outer ear. (Term: Pinna)

Over time, this grime and dirt can sometimes cause skin irritations and itchiness.

You may notice your dog constantly shaking or flapping its ears around in the effort relieve that o so annoying itch.

Having a dirty outer ear can sometimes be the culprit for the above behavior.

The Solution: Soft & Cleansing Ear Wipes – Click Here to See Product

These natural and soothing wipes are excellent for cleaning your dog’s ears.

I have been using the above ear wipes on my Aurora for a while now and she doesn’t even flinch.

It helps to keep on top of cleaning your dog’s ears.

You may just find your dog no longer needs to itch or shake all the time with beautiful clean ears.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

For most dog’s that are not swimming frequently or exposed to dirt or dust are fine with a monthly clean.

If your dog is overly active and always swimming and playing then a more frequent clean may be required.

If you inspect your dog’s ears and if they are looking a little worse for wear then by all means give them a clean.

If you notice anything any redness, lumps or irregularities its always best to consult your veterinarian.

These suggestions are to assist in maintaining the general cleanliness of your dogs ears not a recommendation to treat any underlying ear disease or conditions. 

Please Note* Always follow products recommendations on application and frequency of use when administering any type of product to your pets.

Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have found the above information useful.

I hope your dog’s ears are forever clean and in good condition.

How Frequently are you planning on Cleaning YOUR Dog’s ears? Leave a comment.




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