Cat Years To Human Years – INSTANT Online Calculator

Cat Years To Human Years – INSTANT Online Calculator

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Cat Years to Human YearsOnline Calculator

Have you ever wondered how to calculate cat years to human years? Well it can be a little more complicated that you actually think.

According to all the old wives tails one human year is the equivalent to 7 cat years. This is somewhat accurate, a cat ages a little quicker in the first couple of years of its life and slows somewhat as it gets older.

So we have revised one human year into an average of 6.5 cat years to give a bit more of a guide to the age of your cat.

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Cat Aging Indicators 

General cat health and other conditions can give a better indication of a of cat years versus human years.

As the old saying goes, your only as old as you feel and we believe this can be the same for our feline companions.

This is just a general guide and should no way be used as gospel and always best to consult your local vet.

Did you know that an outdoor cat will age much quicker than an indoor cat? Yeah, sounds pretty obvious but do you know why this is the case?

Outdoor cats can be subject to a plethora of environmental health risks and can come in contact with other threatening animals.

Being in altercations with other animals or cats can cause a great deal of stress when the animal is in its fight of flight state.

Over time this does have an aging effect on your feline friend. Stress is a big killer with us too!

Teeth – 

Cat Years to Human Years
Say Aaaahhhh

Teeth are one of the most important aspects to general cat health but they can be a good indicator of a cats age.

During the early kitten state of their life they develop their baby teeth like humans, these (deciduous teeth) are replaced with adult teeth around the 3 to 4 month mark.

As your cat begins to age they will develop tartar build up that looks light to dark yellow depending on the severity.
If your pet is frequently looked after and you do your best to maintain your cats dental health it is a more accurate age indicator.
However, if a pet owner neglects the dental health of their cat it won’t be the best indicator mainly because it’s likely that they will have a similar tartar buildup as a senior feline.

In older cats, the amount of staining (tartar) is also an indicator of age that veterinarians use. However, with pets’ teeth cleaning products readily available, tartar may not be a good indicator depending on the diligence of the cat’s caregiver in providing a dental care program.

Use cat’s teeth condition as a general guide and not an end all when determine a cats age.

Cat years to Human Years
Cats in the early stage of their lives have bright, clean and alert eyes that are usually nice and clean.
As cat’s and the same is with dogs, they start to produce tearing and can have a buildup of discharge found in the corner of their eyes.
You know the goopy stuff we always clean off with a tissue in the corner of their eye? Yeah that’s the discharge.

Along with a buildup of discharge their eyes may not be as alert and can have a faint cloudy appearance. This is usually evident in older cats 9-11+ mark.

A cat’s coat can be an indicator of general health but it can also give some clues into the cat’s age.
Younger cat’s in good health should have a soft, healthy coat that visually looks healthy.
As cats start to age they will become more scraggy, can produce random patchy areas and develop white spots.

The severity of coat white spots and patches will differ from cat to cat. So it’s important you do everything in your power to promote a healthy coat in aging cats.

Sexual Maturity-

Sexual Maturity in cat’s is probably the best indicator of age in the early years of a cats life.
Obviously this will not be relevant to the more senior animals as they are well past this stage in their life.
Male Cats develop their sexual maturity around the 5 month mark which can also cause physical and behavior changes.
Male cats once going through sexual maturity will become more territorial and start to spray urine as a form of marking their territory so to speak. (not fun to clean up I might add)
Female cants on the other hand can sometimes mature sexually a little later.
Usually female cats will first develop their cycle around the 5-12 month mark.
When  your beloved female feline is going through this initial estrus cycle, she will be rather vocal and you will notice out of the ordinary behavioral changes.
It is interesting to note that your kitten can produce their first litter at a remarkably early age even before she reaches one year old.

So it’s important to be vigilant even in the early stages if you want to prevent your cat from becoming pregnant.

Cat To Human Years Calculator Chart

The above automatic calculator should be used as a real general guide into your cats age in human years.

The below chart can also assist a little more accurately. But as specified above a cat’s age in human years can have many differing factors that we mentioned above.

While its fun to get an idea on our cats age in human years its important we do everything we can to look after their coat, teeth, eyes and general health.

cat to human years calculator chart

We hope you have found our online cat years to human years calculator fun and answered all your questions.

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